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I set a port security for one port, after I  did this config about 3 mins, this port shutdown. But I check my configuration, the mac address is correct.What will cause this happen? Can somebody help me check with this? Thank you!2015 Aug 19 13:41:50 ...

elsa.yu01 by Level 1
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Hello!We use vsom 7.5.1 and would like to use her camera protocol onvif.We have cameras Proto IP-N1W13V212IR and AK-IP2.4-BL/DV622 but we can not connect them to the system.With the addition of camera error occurs Operation failed: Media server repor...

I am trying get a RTSP stream from a 2930 camera.  I can see in the documentation that RTSP is a supported protocol, but I can not find any information on the syntax that is needed to connect to the stream.  I also do not see anywhere in the web inte...

Ok, I inherited a VSM 7.6 project that includes deploying on VM on a UCS C3160.  VMWare lists the C3160 as ESXI 6.0 compatible.  All Cisco documentation I can find indicates ESXI 5.0+.  Anybody have any info on running VSM 7.6 on ESX1 6.0 on this box...

Hi all while trying to add cameras to a VSOM 7.6 server we have encountered the below error Operation failed: Media server reported the error Cannot update device while soft deleted. [CurrentPassword] may not be changedHas anyone seen this before?I w...

chippa111 by Level 1
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   On the CIVS-IPC-6930 Cisco camera it shows 2 slots for AC24V but it does not say which one is positive and which one is negative. Anyone who has worked with AC power knows that if not connected properly it will blow the camera. I have checked Cisc...

In a CPS-UCS220 1RU K9 I have a VSM ver 7.5; but when I install SASD from server, I can´t see SASD desktop on the WS. I have only a message "An other instance of SASD still running" but SASD is not on my desktop. I only can see Windows desktop.I unin...

Hello, My customer has some Cisco 2835 PTZ Cameras which will be added into VSOM 7.6.0.The IP address and DNS address configuration are set to static. The setting has been applied and looks OK for the DNS IP address.After the cameras was added into V...

Arie -- by Level 1
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