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I am having issues creating a "Tone" descriptor file.  I cannot seem to find any examples where one uses the ExampleToneSet.xml to create a DTMF Tone Set that can be assinged to any channel for sending a DTMF tone set to a radio programmed correctly....

I have a 2930 camera in a Pelco housing unit and it is going to be mounted into a ceiling (no arm attachment) and I am having some difficulty trying to find the threaded piece to attach it to the ceiling. I did find 2 different ones that might work (...

Does anybody know if any other languages are available for VSOM other than English and Korean (Beta), or if they are on the development roadmap?  I am specifically looking for a Spanish version. Thanks!

lfairchild by Beginner
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Dears     Kindly find  following question Is Cisco ASA 5520 4-Port GE SSM supports "switch port mode access" with the "interface vlan X"? , because no way to configure embeded module of asa5520 ethernet ports as access port otherwise using BVI interf...

amr_marey by Beginner
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While reading through the Securing Cisco Video Surveillance Manager Release 6.x: Best Practices and Recommendations document on and comparing TAC testing results, we discovered an inaccuracy in the published document.Note that the UDP range...

jfiranzi by Beginner
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Greetings Cisco community,I was hoping if someone could provide with some examples of security issues which pertain to the physical layer of the OSI model.I am aware of Switch flooding, where an attacker can overflow the switch's address table with f...

In my organization, the loss prevention group very often downloads archive clips to a local PC that are quite long: 1-4+ hours. Review is done offline - fast forwarding thru the clip or using smartsearch. Even if the PC is attached to the same local ...

tluidens by Beginner
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I'm unable to install VSOM 6.3 client on Windows 7 64 bit, Client install program gets stuck in a loop, 4.2 worked fine in Windows 7 64 bit.

ajuarez by Beginner
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