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Hi,I'm trying to configure a camera in the Cisco VSOM. I have added an IP camera in the administration, but when I try to view this camera in VSOM, it sais "connection failed". But when I look at the overview of the IP Cameras, I see the preview imag...

Wouterecs by Level 1
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Well it looks like 6.3.2 has been released.  I am downloading as I type this from the support site.  Not on the ET site yet.  I will update this post once I have it installed. Noticed there are no upgrade guides in any of the zip files and ...

etijburg by Level 4
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Hello,What is the best method to send all doors events (eg. Access granted, Access denied) from CPAM to an external log source. I need to collect the logs to do some analytics for time and attendance.I am aware of the API calls. If I had to use this ...

wazaberry by Level 1
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Hi All,I see that some of the modules for the ISRs have had their EOS/EOL dates annouced: that list I see the SRE 700 SM. Can anyone tell me if the SRE 900 ...

I have a customer interested in whether or not CPAM will integrate with their alarm system. Maybe through RS-232?"For security panels we normally use GE Networx and could also use Elk M1."Will the CPAM accept an intelligent input from these systems t...

mcwalter by Level 3
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1.  Should the bit rate on the VSOM camera setup match the bit rate settings in the camera itself?2.  Is there a possibility to use the joystick to control a camera on the matrix or is it controllable only on the VSOM operations screen?3.  Is it poss...

jbeechler by Level 1
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I just got a couple of Cisco IP cameras, so I downloaded AVMS_APP_2.0.2.1Installed the Server Applications on my Win7-32 bit, but when I run the Main Console for Cisco Video Monitoring System, it tells me that my license is invalid? I did not have an...