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Cisco 2500 IP Camera - Need Video Stream URL

Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

I'm attempting to connect a Cisco 2500 series IP camera to two different 3rd party video management systems.  I can confirm that the camera is online and working through the built-in web server, but I am unable to get the video stream to play on either system.

Is there a specific URL that I need in order to access the direct video stream from this device?



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Dirk Christeaens

This should work f.e. for streaming to VLC using RTSP:


Thanks for your help.  I didn't check this exact string, but I was able to get it working with MJPEG by using http:///img/mjpeg.jpg (I believe, this from memory).

I'm happy to have it working as expected now.  I'd like to try other stream types and to understand what options are supported and if and how the configuration of the camera plays into this.

Any chance there is a doc that explains this somewhere?


The 2500 camera only supports MJPEG and MPEG-4 as media types.

MJPEG is just a sequence of individual JPEG images.

You can get those with the HTTP URL you're showing, but for streaming MPEG-4 you'll have to use RTSP.

You can find all supported RTSP URLs on page 4-6 of the user guide:

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