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cisco 7530pd day/night auto mode not working properly


hey all, I have a handful of 7530PD cameras that I set to auto mode for day/night. At default day and night thresholds, they stay in night mode all day long.  If I set explicitly to day or night, they work properly, but when I switch to auto and use default settings, some immediately switch to night mode even when the view is clearly well lit (outside and sunny). I have to lower the day/night slide to as low as 5 sometimes to get it working, but it doesn't kick back on in the morning the next day. I checked a handful of cameras this morning, and the ones that did switch from night to day did so very late on a sunny morning, like after 9am.

Any thoughts how to resolve this? These seem to occur with some 7530PD cameras, all with rm 2.7.0-20. In all cases, the cameras clearly have enough light coming in where they should not be considered to run in night mode.


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Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

We need to look at camera behavior during this explicit time, if IR Filter is shifting depending on the logs.

could Open an TAC for this, this helps troubleshoot better.


thank you.  The expicit day, night, night schedules in day/night filter work properly, but the auto settings are clearly off. Are there any logs I can post here for you to look at? I exported the log from the camera and looked at the dayNightFilter log: 

2016-08-04 07:59:13 : Black White Mode OFF
2016-08-04 13:39:28 : Black White Mode ON
2016-08-04 13:39:28 : IR CUT OFF
2016-08-04 13:39:28 : IR LED ON

I verified that the cut on/off times matched the recorded video, so its logging properly. I just dont understand how it could cut over. Are there any other logs I should be looking at for better troubleshooting information? I scanned through them but didnt see anything relevant. 

thank you

thanks for the info, are these logs while camera is set to Auto mode? how many cameras are affected?

The logs show the camera in day/night mode. The problem is the camera is cutting to night mode when there is clearly a lot of daylight, and back to day way too late in the morning. It's detection of light is poor. 

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