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Cisco IP Cameras 3421V - FTP to Buffalo NAS Problem

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Hi All.


I have 2 IP cameras (model 3421V) and im having trouble getting them to automatically send video files to my FTP server on a Buffalo TeraStation TS4400D NAS Box.


The NAS box is setup correctly with folder shares/user access etc, as I am able to FTP to it from a PC on the same LAN and copy/read files via FTP.

The NAS box can ping both cameras OK.

Both cameras can send video clips via FTP to the PC on the LAN no problem.


Any help would be much appreciated.


Cheers Ady.



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Level 1

Still not got this working.

Does anyone know if there is an incompatibility issue with the FTP server on the NAS and the FTP client used on the IP cameras?

Thanks for any help/advice.

Can you SPAN a port and perform a packet capture with Wireshark or something to see why the FTP attempt from the camera would be failing?  

Have you reviewed the logging on either the cameras or the NAS appliance?

Have you tried turning on SSH on the cameras and checking from their shells?  You could open a shell to one of the cameras and (I'm assuming here, because I don't have a 3421 to play with) try 'ftp'.  I think the 'busybox' shell they run has an ftp client binary....


Perhaps this could render some additional debugging information?


Best of luck!

Scott Olsen Solutions Specialist Bulletproof Solutions Inc. Web:

Thanks for the reply.


Ive not ran wireshark on the network, thats something i should do really.


Logging on the camera GUI just says ftp failed to IP address of the NAS,, thats all it says, no more info at all. The NAS box log show no activity at all from the IP addresses of the Cameras.


Ive tried using SSH/SFTP to transfer from the Cams to the NAS but that fails too.