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CIVS-MSP-2RU, Stalled Rebuild State

Ed Johnston
Level 1
Level 1

Has anyone ran into this problem.  I have a 2RU that we replaced the drive in 2 weeks ago and the drive has never completed the rebuild and is stuck in that state.

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Scott Olsen
Level 6
Level 6

Is it *actually* in a rebuild state?  How are you monitoring it?

Open a shell and check the following:

/opt/MegaRAID/MegaCli/MegaCli -pdlist -a0

review the output and locate the "block" of data that represents the slot/drive you've recently repaced.  What state is it in?

If it's in rebuild state, you can check it's actual status with:

/opt/MegaRAID/MegaCli/MegaCli -pdrbld -showprog -physdrv "[:]" -a0

Let me know.  There may be a few things we could explore.


Scott Olsen Solutions Specialist Bulletproof Solutions Inc. Web:

I would add that I have seen this. As Scott says first verify that it is in fact in rebuilt. In my case it was phsycally slotted but did not ever begin the rebuilt. I simply pulled it out and slotted it again (this time quite firmly) and it began to rebuild after that.

Thanks for the responses guys.

I had tried the reseat and checking the status using MegaCLI cmd and everything is functionoing properly. No errors or anything.  Just that the Virtual Disc 2 is degraded on that particular slot.  Everything else is functioning properly and archives and happily chewing up space.  I have scheduled to upgrade this client over the next to weeks from 7 - 7.2.1.  I have a felling that I will rebuilt this server and then upgrade it from scratch.

Check make sure you have correct HD installed in that slot

Also when in doubt reboot the server and check server health state.

Already did that.  However, I rebuilt from scratch and everyting is working properly.  This is the third instance of this particular problem that I have ran into on the older MSP-2RU line.