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CPAM Gateway & Electroinic Strike Power\Wiring Question

Matt Conley

New to CPAM and have the computer portion figured out.  Two wiring questions.  Have a Hess Integrated Prox kit with a 7000 Series strike. Going to try an run the reader and strike off of the Gateway with POE.  Question 1) Will I Have enough power?  2) Is the wiring the same as the example on page 1-13 of the Gatewy user guide... minus the power source as the Gateway would be supplying the power?                    

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Kenny Howard


I have ran a  two reader, strike, and REX off of one gateway and it seems to work fine. It's been running for about 10 months, just make sure before you run power to your devices that you have them all set for the same VDC 12 or 24, and  make sure that your PoE switch has the Amps to push your devices too.  I use the 3750x series switches.  The only problem I can for see is if you lose power to your gateway will your locks be fail safe or fail secure because you don't want your door opening during a power outage.  Thus the use for an additonal power source like a battery backed up powersupply for your locks.  Hope that helps.

Dear All,

Can we connect two reader, two electric strike, two rex, two magnetic contact to one ciac-gw-k9 for to control two different doors? Cause in datasheet it says three inputs bu if we have two doors?

Hi Anil,


You can configure two different doors on a single gateway, you have to make sure you map the IO port with right gateway, while adding the logical doors.



Thank you for answer bur how will we connect 2 exit button and two magnetic contact to single gateway cause there are only three inputs but that means four inputs.

Every Gateway has 3 input and 3 output ports, you may only use these, you can't configure any of the Input port to output ports vise verse. but if you have any other port free in other module you may use them while you are adding the logical door. you just have to map the module with respective door.

Let me know, if you have any questions.

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