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Enhancement request

Jason Rossi


I'm going to bring this up to my account team, but posting here as well in the hopes of some +1's from the community.

In the past week I had two cameras break. They were still streaming, still recording, but the image was garbage. The lens or some other part of the camera itself broke, but it was never reflected in the health dashboard/notification of VSM 7 since there was still something streaming to record (just garbage, but it was there, so no errors were thrown).

We have hundreds of cameras and it is not effective to manually check them all every day.

I'm not upset that the cameras broke, that type of thing happens from time to time, and that is what smartnet hardware support is for.

It does however illustrate that the "video loss" health condition needs some improvement. In doing so, Cisco could also use that endeavor to roll out a proper "camera has been covered up" feature. I think the development work would be applicable to both use cases, and would be a very rich feature for a future VSM 7.x release.

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Scott Olsen
Frequent Contributor
Frequent Contributor

I have a feeling that from a technical perspective this type of video analytic would need to make its way into the IP endpoints themselves (which is fully possible IMO) in order for it to be scalable.  Regardless, having had several cameras where the imager component itself fails and produces garbage video, I'm all for this as well.



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