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IE 11 - KB2976627 - and VSOM 6.3.3

Brent Morris
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Just wanted to let you all know that it appears KB2976627 breaks some functionality in VSOM 6.3 with Internet Explorer 11.

I had a user running this update and was unable to view video archives.  Selecting a date and pressing "seek" would cause the browser to crash "long-running script"

Uninstalled this update, restarted the computer, and video archives were working as expected.






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I am experiencing this issue as well. After initially removing KB2976627, the system was working properly. Now a couple days later, the problem has recurred, and continues even with KB2976627 removed.

Do you have any further ideas? Will Cisco release a fix for this issue?




From what I can tell, KB2977629 came along and broke it again last week. I've been able to roll it back and restore the functionality for those that need it.. Luckily most my users don't have access to the forensic search abilities, but this is a real pain for the handful that do.  I'm not comfortable rolling back critical security updates for IE but I've tried several settings with no luck. 


Thanks very much for this tip! I am rolling back KB2977629 as I type. I am thinking of buying VMWare ThinApp and simply encapsulating IE8 or IE9 with it, then running that for VSOm only, possibly.

No problem and good luck.

Also, I've never had any luck with VSOM in a VM.  I've tried VirtualBox and HyperV but I always have trouble with the video capabilities. I use a Win8x64 box and VSOM wont install at all, so I've just resorted to remoting into a spare Win7 box for management and viewing and, up until these most recent updates, IE11 has been working fine.  We're supposed to move to VSOM7 soon and I hope it works better.

We just smashed into this particular issue as well...

MS15-079: Description of the security update for Internet Explorer: August 11, 2015 (3078071)

... seems to break this as well ;-)

Scott Olsen Solutions Specialist Bulletproof Solutions Inc. Web:

Yeah, if they use those controls on the DVR, you'll want to hold back the IE Rollup Hotfixes.  Not an optimal solution.

I've also found a workaround.  You can use the sliders instead of the date picker to navigate the DVR system.  It's not as precise as the date picker, but it doesn't crash IE and you can keep it patched!

Brent Morris
Level 1
Level 1

And the next patch Tuesday caused another similar issue.

So now some of my clients are now permanently two roll-up hotfixes behind.  

Please know that KB2977629 also breaks archive functionality in VSOM 6.3.3