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IE8 Running very slow, won't display camera feeds

We recently upgraded to 6.3. On one of our client machines the IE8 process will not go above 80k when you select a camera feed. The mouse will lag all over the screen and the video will pop up after about 2.5 minutes. I uninstalled and reinstalled all ActiveX, and Cisco Client software from the machine, no changes were made on the machine. Several other identical machines and machines that have lower specs run VSM flawlessly. I ran the profiler tool and was able to pull up 16 feeds and passed the test, I just cannot view anything through the VSM. Anyone else have this problem? I put in a TAC Request but since my machine isn't up to the "baseline requirement" I am not recieving much support.


I have had similar issues, I am also awaiting assitance for resolution. I know that isnt any help, but you are certainly not alone!

Are you running IE as an Admin?


Try to run IE in safe mode with this command iexplore -extoff. Click on start>run>iexplore -extoff open VSOM, do you still have the same problem?

It did seem to load the VSM GUI quicker but I get an "x" on the camera feeds.

It should had asked you to run the Active x script.

I checked out the add-ons, IISHttpClientNew Control is enabled. It did not ask for any other Active X controls. Ive deleted and reloaded those a few times since my problem has started. Another machine started having the issue recently also.

So this problem is not isolated to a single pc? How many cameras are having this issue, all? What are the model types?

It was initially one PC after the 6.3 upgrade, over the last week we started getting the error on another PC. We are running a mix of Cisco 2500 series, Axis Q7406 encoders, and a few other Axis cameras here and there. Over 100 cameras on the system, having the issue with all of them.

Can you browse to a cameras IP address and see picture?

Yes, I can see the feeds if I go through the camera's IP.

Browse to one of the cameras and get the model and firmware version that is running. post it back here.

90% of our Cisco cameras are 2500 series running firmware 2.1.7, we have a few Cisco domes that are running 2.1.7 also.

Cisco strongly recommends that after upgrading to Cisco Video Surveillance Manager 6.3.2, the firmware on existing Cisco standard definition IP cameras be upgraded to release 2.4.0. You might want to try installing the firmware on one camera first to see if it fixes the issue and then applying it to all cameras. Also you might want to retype the username and password for one camera under batch admin to see if this might be an issue. 

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