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Multiservices Platform 1-RU for Video Surveillance Question


i have Multiservices Platform 1-RU and 12 IP cameras that we need to install it in our company. this is the first time for me in configuring that.

i read the VSM userguide and some datasheets but i have some questions:

1) what is the difference between on-board storage capacity and on-board storage Repositories in the MSP datasheet?

2) we bought 4 HDD ( 1 TB for each HDD), is it necessary to configure RAID to use all of them? and how can i configure RAID?

i need your help




Hi Moahmed,

The CIVS-MSP-1RU does not support RAID.  The first disk (1TB) is for boot partition and additional archive storage.  Each additional drive is treated as a separate repository of 1TB.

The CPS-MSP-1RU (newest hardware) is a little different in that it can be confitured as a single RAID 5 array with a single boot partition for linux and the rest of the array providing about 2.6Gb of storage in a single repository.

Here's the datasheet for the CPS platforms:

The server should arrive preconfigured from the factory, with CIVS platforms coming as 4 independent disks (JBOD configuration), while CPS ships with 4 drives in RAID5 for a video surver  (I will check into this to make sure.)

I hope this helps...


Hi jfiranzi

Thanks for your post.

actually we have CPS-MSP-1RU, so i need to make sure that the server is precofigured with RAID or not.


If the CPS-MSP-1RU is ordered along with VSM software and 4 1TB drives, my understanding is that the factory will ship it in a RAID 5 configuration, software preinstalled and a startup wizard to walk through the hostname and IP address assignment configuration.

The CPS comes with a RAID controller while the CIVS 1RU does not.

The Gig ethernet is a recommendation, not a hard requirement.  You may be happy (depending on network bandwidth) running 720p at 1Mbit without seeing lost packets affect the video.  At 1080pand 2-6Mbit, you may see some degraded video.  It really depends on what other traffic your network handles at peak times.  It would be best to contact someone from your Cisco account team to discuss planning and deployment.  Advanced Technology Partners in Video Surveillance have access to a good resource in the PDI Help Desk.  Your SE may be able to assist, and if he needs some answers, he may be able to reach out to that resource for clarification.


We have a two CPS-MSP-2RU-K9  Servers with VSOM + VSMS  in  both the Servers.

That is  ( VSOM+VSMS) in Server-1  and again  (VSOM+VSMS) in Server-2   .

Can i have Redundancy for VSMS 7.0 and also for VSOM 7.0 by this Method ?

Does VSOM in one Server-1 can have Control over VSMS in Server-2 ? Is this a Recommended Design ?



Beginning with VSM7, there are multiple styles of VSMS (media server) redundancy available, depending on the IP Camera matrix you intend to deploy.

There is currently nothing for *native* VSOM redundancy, aside from using VMWare High Availability when deploying VSM OVAs on Cisco UCS platform only.

There is much more that goes into a successful design and deployment than the information you have provided here.  My personal recommendation is to leverage your local Cisco ATP partner, or, at a minimum, engage the Cisco PDI Helpdesk (

Cheers, and best of luck,


Scott Olsen

Solutions Specialist

Bulletproof Solutions Inc.

Scott Olsen Solutions Specialist Bulletproof Solutions Inc. Web:


perhaps this is a way you can go. Just create a software raid controlled by the Suse os. You can easily add your new drives to reach a higher capacity while using raid 5 redundancy. With 4 1 tb drives we got a total storage capacity for our repository of 2.6 tb with redundancy. See the following pic:

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