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New 6020 and 6030 cameras not being auto discovered via medianet

Scott Donahue

In the process of installing 248 new 6020 and 6030 HD IP cameras and during testing of setting up the switch for auto discovering it is not finding the cameras.  Only way to see it is if we manually change the VLAN of the port to the desired VLAN.

Following is the macro created on the switch that is not working.

macro auto device ip-camera ACCESS_VLAN=4

macro auto global processing.

When it doesn't discover a configuration it defaults to last resort.

Also in VSOM version 7.0, under Cameras / Discover New Cameras and entering one of our media servers and Cisco Systems, Inc. for camera make,  I get the following error message: Operation failed, discoverCameras job on MS "servername" is already in process.

Also under manually add camera and in the Models list, the Cisco HD IP Camera 6000 series is not listed.  Is there an update that I'm missing.



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I still have not either.  Believe me, I completely sympathize with the frustration.  I love how all these 'features' are marketed, yet there is less and less in the way of meaningful implementation or support.  Getting a little fed up with it actually. 

Scott Olsen Solutions Specialist Bulletproof Solutions Inc. Web:

Do the cameras have a 2nd method of finding their media server -- in the Cisco Access Points resolve a hostname ( to find their controller.   Is there a DNS workaround to DHCP option 125?



Thanks, but not that I am aware of.


I have a feeling this is still outstanding as well.  If I get any actual lab time (which never happens... cause DAT BILLABLE) I'll revisit this and hopefully come up with some answers or some form of helper that can be used to make this 'magical discovery process' work.


Scott Olsen Solutions Specialist Bulletproof Solutions Inc. Web:
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