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No Media repository found

Scott Donahue
Level 1
Level 1

Just added 60 CIVS-IPC 6030 cameras to a new 2RU media server with 18.2T of usable storage and 17 cameras are showing the following error.

Operation failed: Media server reported the error No Media repository found that has 713655000 Kbytes of storage space to satisfy request.

Camera template is set to record continuosely and on motion.  Only using Video stream A.  Retain continuous recordings for 15 days and Retain event recordings 30 days and have also tried max possible.  Verify Recording space is also enable and Record Now disabled.  Formate is NTSC, Codec is H_264, Transport is UDP_unicast, Bitrate mode is CBR, Resolution is 1920x1080, Framrate is 10 and bitrate is 4000.

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Level 1
Level 1

Dear Donahue,

You must disable veriyf recording space.

Thanks Anil... I will try that with Continuous and Motion again but in the mean time I had changed my template to just continuous recording which also cleared the error.

interesting cause it is not about it but i`m happy for you to solve it.

how do you disable it?