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Outdoor Megapixel that will work with VSOM 4.2.1

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Level 1

Using VSOM 4.2.1 and need a 3-5 Megapixel camera for outdoor day/night use.  PTZ is not required.  PoE is not absolutely essential but would be nice.  The camera will be about 200 yards from the building.  We want to cover the entire building facade (roughly 75 yards wide) and get enough detail so that we can match the image of an individual with another image which will be close enough to gain facial recognition.  I've found several models that will do the trick, but none of them will integrate with VSOM 4.2.1.

Can anyone suggest a camera model?  I can't get any help from my VAR or Cisco regional rep so I'm asking here as a desperation measure.  Surely someone out there must have a similar camera application.

Thank you.

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Scott Olsen
Level 6
Level 6

Why not use a supported HD in an outdoor enclosure with a heater blower?  If you went with Cisco's 4300, you might not even need the heater part ;-)  Just kidding.  I realize it's only 2MP.

From what I can tell, the IQ Sentinel Pro Line is supported... and they come in IP66 rated outdoor enlosures?

Hope you find what you are looking for.

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