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Timestamp on exported clip - VSM 6.3.1?

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Hi all,

Apologies in advance if I've missed something here, but I have a customer running VSM 6.3.1.

They want to be able to timestamp any clips they make from archives so that the recorded-time is visible whilst watching the footage. When viewing the archives via the VSM web interface, you can select the "Timestamps" checkbox and the time is displayed. However when they export a clip to their local machine (as an avi/wmv etc) the timestamp is not exported with the video.

I've connected to their system today and sure enough, this seems to be what's happening. Is there a way to timestamp these archive clips?

I've come up with a work-around for some of their cameras, for example their Axis PTZ cameras, which are able to display the time & date on screen. So I've configured them to do this and set them to sync with the NTP server and now, when clips are created from these archives, the time & date are visible. Unfortunately, they also have some static Pelco IP cameras which don't have the option to display the time & date and there's my problem.

Has anyone else found a way around this or, like I said initially, have I missed something obvious?

Thanks in advance for your help,


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