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VSM migration steps from 6.3.3 to 7.2.2

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I have 1 virtualized VSOM server and 3 media servers.  Two of my media servers are older units that came with SLES 10 (32 bit) and VSM 6.3.  All servers were running 7.6 fine since I upgraded them to 7.6 a few months ago.  Unfortunately one of my media servers lost 2 hard drives at the same time and I lost everything on that box. 

I replaced the two drives (I had purchased spare drives) and I ran the 6.3 install from ISO from Cisco.  I am now needing to upgrade the box to 7.2.2 and then of course to 7.6.  Unfortunately my smartnet ran out a month before the drives failed - naturally. 

What I'm looking for, because I can't call Cisco is the step by step instructions on migrating from 6.3 to 7.2.  I had Cisco do this for me a long time ago when I first migrated to 7.2.  I know there were some CLI commands involved, copying the 7.2.2 setup files to the media server, etc. 


Any help would be appreciated.

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Check the attached document. It shows the steps to go from 6.3.x to 7.0.

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Hey Emanuel, thank you for the response.  However, if you look through those guides, it tells you you have to contact Cisco to get from version 6.3 to 7.2.


I was able to get an ATP vendor to assist me with this.  Unfortunately I still do not know the process but I am upgraded and in production.  But since I have two older media servers, it would be nice to know the steps to take in case I need to do this again in the future.

Check the attached document. It shows the steps to go from 6.3.x to 7.0.

Thanks Emanuel, I appreciate it.