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Paolo Biagioni

Vsom and guard tour

Hi all

Some one know if there is a way to configure VSOM to do a GuardTour on a IP Dome Camera?

At this moment the only way that i've found is to configure the guard tour directly on camera ( eg Axis 233 ).

Best Regard



No, the only way you can setup his on the Axis camera.

VSOM only supports the setup of scanning patterns "patrolling" via the Pelco D protocol.


Is this still the case?  I need to configure a couple of guard tours on my Axis 215 PTZ cameras but the only way I can see is via the camera (which only works whilst you're logged in to the webpage).  Are there plans for this feature to be introduced do you know?



I know that you can configure some cameras with a guard tour, and it runs indefinitely. However I'm not sure of a definitive list. I can try and get this information for you.

Hi! The supported method, is to just set the tour up in the camera's web page, then save and close. The tour should continue over and over. When the client looks at the camera via VSOM, it will see the camera doing it's thing, just cycling away. All the client will do is access the camera and request a stream from it.

If this isn't the case, you'll need to check out the camera, maybe there is an update you can apply to keep the tour going after you logout from the camera.

Some camera drivers do have a button that is enabled in VSOM, called On Screen Programming. There are a subset of requirements, including Pelco-D protocol support and specific camera support that will allow this. This lets you program the tour from within VSOM.

Also - there's a defect listed (CSCtc65366 - External) where a tour can stop after VSOM views it, but this only applies to certain situations.Workaround here is to configure the tour on the camera itself, which is what you're doing anyway.

Hope that sheds some light onto how it works.


I have a customer running 6.3.1 and wants to have his Axis 233's tour. I thought you could do this by setting presets in VSOM and then using the PTZ config page in VSOM to cycle through them. Is this possible?

You can manually use the presets to move the camera, but the guard tour has to be programmed on the camera itself.

I checked it out on 6.3.1 in our lab and there is no way to have vsom remote control the guard tours on ptz cameras.  The documentation wasn't clear so I logged a bug to have the documentation updated.

Hi, just so i'm clear, if an encoded analog cam has its tour setup (via camera menu setup) and is running the tour, VSOM will not stop the tour?  And when interruption of the tour by the joystick through VSOM occurs the cam will return to tour when the interruption ends?

Just looking at the feed won't interrupt the tour.

The timer on when the tour resumes would be dependent on the cameras' settings.  For example, Sony cameras have a 'Resume Time on Inactivity' setting that would determine how long before the tour started again.

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