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VSOM Media Server serial #




I'm having an issue with one of the HDDs on one of our VSOM media servers.  It is supposed to be under contract, but apparently the serial # that I have is not the correct serial #.  Is there a way to get the serial # of the media server from the web console, or from a telnet session?


Thanks in advance!

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Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

serial # available physical on the server and serial # of the hard drive as well. you have to physically access the server to get the serial no of the chassis and remove hard drive for respective hard drive serial no.

you may contact any of the below no.

North America 800-553-2447
Australia 1-800-805-227
Europe 32-2-704-5555
Asia-Pacific +61 2 8446 7411
UK 0800 404 7778

please speak to Entitlement team, get the necessary changes or get the further assistance.

I can get to the physical server, where on the server is the serial #?  The closest thing I've found is a little sn sticker on the back but when I give Cisco that # nothing comes up in their system at all.

Well... terrific.  I had a great response typed up and accidentally went back a page with backspace.

Welcome to the chassis SN mess!  They are usually located on the server top lid near the front left corner... you know... so that they're completely inaccessible if the server is actually racked.  If it's racked properly (and the sticker isn't damaged), you should be able to slide it out 4 or 5 inches to expose it.  

It's one of the key documentation points I try to ensure colleagues get when deploying the servers ("Remember to snap a picture of the stupid SN sticker FFS!").

As for the HDD serial numbers, I *can* actually provide some additional tips for remote support.  It's a bit messy, but you *can* get the HDD serial numbers over the wire;



In the above image, I've logged into the server via SSH using the localadmin account, then su to the root account.  Then ran; /opt/MegaRAID/MegaCli/MegaCli -pdlist -a0 which will return a list of all physical disk elements on the adapter.  It will provide a block of diagnostic text for each 'slot'.  The disks are zero-indexed from slot 0 on (slot0, slot1, slot2, etc... ). Facing the front of the server chassis slot0 is in the lower left hand corner, and iterates up that column, then continues at the bottom of the next column over.


The key here is the inquiry data string that is returned from the block device.  While each HDD vendor may return in a different format, you can usually intuit a couple things from the string;

Yellow - Make and Model

Green - Drive Firmware Revision

Red - Serial Number :-)


I hope this is helpful.  Cheers!

Scott Olsen Solutions Specialist Bulletproof Solutions Inc. Web:

I think at this point Cisco only wants the Chassis SN, not the HD SN.  I think I have enough slack to pull out the server a few inches.  I didn't do the actual racking, so hopefully it was installed correctly.  Kinda strange that I can't get a serial # from the web console.


here is the location of the serial for a 4ru MSP.

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