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Which features would you like to see in next release of CPAM?

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Hello all,

Now that we have a discussion thread about VSM feature requests, I would like to capture the same enthusiasm for CPAM in this thread.

If you have an idea how we can improve the product, please reply to this thread and post your suggestions. Tell us what features you love, which ones you hate, how we can improve those features which already exist, and then give us your best pie in the sky wish list of, "Gee, if only it could do this!"

I promise you that this thread will be read by and discussed by TAC engineers and BU marketing and development - and I will go a step further and promise to champion those improvements which seem reachable within the upcoming product development cycle and see how far we can push this product.

I hope to hear from you,

Jim Firanzi

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Sergey Muravjev
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In my opinion are:

1. No - Java. I hate it and our clients are too. True windows application .NET Framework 4 and above like in new VSM 7 System

2. More API functions. Current API is not enough for my tasks.

For example, I can't do query to database like does it CPAM client.

3. More delegation Not enough delegation for users and access rights for operators. I can't give rights to user for only some doors and some badges. I can't give rights for view some cameras in CPAM Client only all.  

4. More performance! On our project we have approximately 200 doors and three thousand badges with photo. CPAM Client is very slowly for operate it. It freezes while adding new badges to access policy and applying it on gateways.

5. High redandancy on big data not worked. Our mysql CPAM database approximately use 4 gb hard disk space.

Very often there are crashes. It's not normally. We have not a service contract therefore TAC not help us.

and more other...

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  1. Performance increase - The CPAM client is to slow and clunky. It takes too long to load and too long to populate data.
  2. Client UI Improvements - If it is not feasible to move away from a Java client, it should at least be improved to function similar to modern web browser tabs. (IE each section could be a tab and the tabs could be moved around and undocked if the user wants it in a different window)

Looking forward to an improved release!

Yes i agree  Better Performance on the Cpam Client.   So many time it goes to "Not Responding" 

If you are traversing slower WAN links to the Cpam server you get this allot and if you have to VPN into Customer site and try to work on their Cpam  it is very very slow to respond.

It is so brutal.   Most times I have to have a customer give me RDP access to a local machine to work from.

Scott Donahue
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1. Duel authentication for card readers.  Use card during business hours and card + pin code after hours.

2. Hopefully a move towards HTML5 instead of Java.

3. The ability to delete/remove personel that are duplicates, Bogus entries taken from active directory and or users that have been gone for a long time.

4. Pre-defined templates especially for new installs to use as an example.

5. Ability to show ONLY functions available to user in their profile.  Right now when deselecting functions they are just grayed out.

6. CPAM intergrated with VSOM

Thank you for considering our ideas.

Hi Scott,

Thank you for your detailed input.  I will ask for a volunteer from the current Physical Security TAC teams to monitor this thread and champion these ideas for a future release.

Best regards,


Thanks Jim