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AAA server logs replication

  • •1.       We have two locations and require Cisco ACS 5.x for each location.
  • •2.       Both locations are connected via MPLS link.
  • •3.       Need to deploy both ACS in Active-Active OR Active-Standby.
  • •4.       The idea is that users in network A will have their primary ACS as ACS A and secondary ACS as ACS B.
  • •5.       Similarly users in network B will have its primary ACS as ACS B local to their LAN.

If ACS in network A goes down, then users in network A should be able to authenticate using ACS B in remote network and vice versa.

  • •6.       Now what we got to understand by reading ACS documents is that incase one of ACS goes down, the accounting logs do not get replicated to secondary ACS and vice versa.
  • •7.       I would like to have a kind of setup where in  Accounting logs are also replicated between ACS servers. The idea is that, I should have complete logs of both the servers up to the time till one of the ACS breaks down.

Kindly let me know if the accounting logs can be replicated in the manner as mentioned above.

Also let me know the typical bandwidth utilized during replication of ACS A to ACS B.

We have around 500 users combining both sides.

Our proposal is dependent upon working of the above solution…kindly see if ACS5.x will work in the above scenario as we need to propose the same.