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ACS 5.3 localdisk usage

Our ACS 5.3 server has started sending out alarm notifications regarding localdisk usage at a rate of about 1 per minute.  Currently usage is about 80%.  I'd like to remove older system and monitoring backups to get the disk usage down below the alarm threshold.  What's the proper method to go about doing this?


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ACS 5.3 localdisk usage

ACS View/Logging  Backup

This is accessible  via Monitoring Configuration > System Operations > Data Management  > Removal and Backup. The database that contains the ACS AAA logs is  known as the _View Database_.

Three options  exist:

  • Data Purging

This setting allows you to delete data from the view database.  The value to select from the Drop−down box is number of months of data  you would like to keep in the Monitoring and Report View database.

  • View Full Database Backup Now

This allows you to run an immediate backup.

  • Scheduled View Database backup

This allows you to schedule the time and date of incremental  view−database backups and/or full

view−database backups.

Please check the below links which may be  helpful for you in configurations:



ACS 5.3 localdisk usage

Both Monitoring_Backups and System_Backups were previously configured for 1 month max stored data period, daily incremental backups, and monthly full backups.  The Purge and Incremental Backup History show that purges have been successfully running daily.  I've also run an On Demand Data Purge.  This does not resolve the issue.

From the CLI, when I run a dir for the system backups and monitoring backups repositories I still see two years of full and incremental backups.

I can delete the backups one by one from the CLI, but this would be tedious as there are hundreds of backups.  Is there an easier way to clear out these backups?


ACS 5.3 localdisk usage

Hi Russell,

ACS displays an alert message when the difference  between the physical and actual size of the view database is greater  than 10 GB and less than 50 GB. Also, an automatic database compress  operation is triggered when the size of the database exceeds 111 GB to  avoid disk space issues.

•ACS displays an alert message when the difference between the  physical and acutal size of the view database is greater than 50 GB.

You can use the Data Purging and Incremental Backup page to:

•Configure purge window size

•Purge data from the database

•Assign a data repository backup location to manage backup (of the purge job)

•Configure incremental and full backup schedules

•Configure immediate backup.

The ACS Database needs to be compressed as a part of maintenance operation. You can run the acsview-db-compress command from acs-config mode to reduce the physical size of the view  database when there is a difference between the physical size and actual  size of the view database.

In ACS 5.3, database compress operation is automated. You can check the Enable ACS View Database Compress check box to compress the ACS View database automatically every day at 5  A.M. The database compress operation is run everyday automatically at 5  A.M whenever there is a need.

For more detail about step by step configuration, please visit given link: