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ACS v5.2 and Citrix Repeater - Configuring shell (exec)


     I am trying to get a Citrix Repeater 8540 authenticating with a v5.2 ACS. I can get the authentication via TACACS+ to work OK but I do not have access to some the configuration options in the GUI (like logging) - It is saying I do not have the proper rights.

Googling around I have found that on a version 4.x ACS all you need to do is tick shell (exec) and set privilege 15 to get it to work (see screen shot) but I am having trouble with a v5.2 ACS. I can assign privilege 15 in the shell profile and assign execed to attribute shell but it is still not working.

v4.x ACS settings.jpg

I have configured the following shell profile but I can still not access most of the menu options:

v5.x ACS settings.jpg

This is the error when trying to access Admin Config on the Citrix Repeater

citrix repeater error.jpg

Any ideas please

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