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Can "Guest Sponsor" create user credentials which are part of separate user groups?

Hello Experts, 


Can the "Guest Sponsor" create usernames & passwords which are part of unique "User Groups"?


My deployment is a multi-tenancy deployment. 

1. One Tenant has procured a 100 Mbps internet line for its Guests. Say part of "user-group-1"

2. Second Tenant has procured a 1000 Mbps internet line for its Guests. Say part of "user-group-2"


Both the guests are to be served through one SSID named "GUEST". However based on the credentials provided by wireless user, will ISE be able to achieve the below requirement:

1) Define and distinguish between the users of unique User Groups (user-group-1 & user-group-2) for the Guest of 1st tenant and the 2nd tenant respectively.

2) Be able to have Network Access policy in conjunction with switching infrastructure configuration to make sure the if the users are part of "user-group-1" then it should be able to have access to 100 Mbps line to get on to the internet.

Users part of "user-group-2" be able to have access to 1000 Mbps line to get on to the internet.


Interested in knowing the work-ability of this solution and even the recommended practice.  



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