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Changing timezone in ISE 1.1.2


I need to change the timezone of two ISE 1.1.2 servers. One primary and one secondary. Both are set to "EST" timezone and i would like to change

them to AMERICA/Montreal because they are now one hour late since day light saving change.

According to the release notes, it is not recommended to change the timezone on ISE after the installation. I'm thinking of doing a backup

of the ISE application (in the maintenance GUI or CLI) and then changing the timezone on both servers. After the change the ISE servers will gain one hour. So after i will do a restore of the backup i did just before the timezone change. The timestamp of the backups will be older then the current time

of the servers.

Will this work? Is it the best way to change the timezone?

Does anyone run into this issue? How did you fix that? Did you have any problems?

Thanks in advance.


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Changing timezone in ISE 1.1.2

If you obtain the backup from your primary Administration ISE node in one timezone and try to restore it on another ISE node in another timezone, the restore process

might fail. This failure happens if the timestamp in the backup file is later than the system time on the ISE node on which the backup is restored. If you restore the

same backup a day after it was obtained, then the timestamp in the backup file is in the past and the restore process succeeds.

Changing timezone in ISE 1.1.2

Ive had success with no obvious issues changing time zone on a PSN box. I first broke the join from the PAN server and then did a time zone change. Then rejoin the PSN back to the PAN. Again, I didnt see any issues.

As for the PAN time zone change, I would probably rebuild the box if you didnt feel comfortable. In most cases if you are very fimilar with ISE it take like 30 minutes to put the config back on it ..

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"Satisfaction does not come from knowing the solution, it comes from knowing why." - Rosalind Franklin

Re: Changing timezone in ISE 1.1.2

Did I read this right?

If I back up my ISE database, and restore it to a freshly built ISE server a day after I backed it up, it will work? If I try to do it on the same day, it'll fail?