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Cisco ACS 5.3 patch 5 (1120 appliance) - stuck on "INIT: version 2.85 booting"


As of today, i have experinced a problem with my ACS.

After a reload my ACS is stuck, and have been stuck there for more than 3 hours, at the boost screen.

The last line that it as writen is:

INIT: Version 2.85 booting..

If i do a hard reboot of the appliance, and press "CRTL C" when it come with the line above, it then writes

INIT: Entering Runlevel 3

and after aprox 5 min, i can login to the box.

logged in as admin:

# ping (my default gateway)

% error: Error invoking ping for the provided host

# show app status acs

status is unavailable.

Please check again in a minute.

I have tryed to reconfigure the interface, with no luck.

is there a way to restore it, without reinstall it?? i dont have a backup of the full config (radius, policies and so on)

Any help on this mather is apprecitated.

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Cisco ACS 5.3 patch 5 (1120 appliance) - stuck on "INIT: version

the ACS was left over night, in the hope that it just had to have some time to get past that point.

No luck in that assumtion.


Boot in to "runlevel 3"

Create a cdrom reposotory

patch the system with patch 6, 7, 8 & 9


No problem going in to "runlevel3" or making de reposotory.

but when using the reposotory cdrom, i get "cannot mount cdrom"

so, im back where i started.

A system that hangs at

INIT: Version 2.85 booting..

Cisco Employee

Re: Cisco ACS 5.3 patch 5 (1120 appliance) - stuck on "INIT: ver

Seems like some corruption issue. can you run show disk on the CLI?

We may try to generate support bundle and see what could be a problem? Also, try to check if you can go into "acs-config" mode. If it throws an error than most probably we have to reimage it. I understand that you don't have a backup and if reimage would be an option then it will be very difficult for you to manually restore the complete config.

Could you tell me what all we have on this box? Like joined to AD, LDAP, RSA etc and radius policies for wireless and vpn users.

There was a similar post with vmware. However the end result is not something that could help you.

Jatin Katyal
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~Jatin Katyal

Re: Cisco ACS 5.3 patch 5 (1120 appliance) - stuck on "INIT: ver

Hi Jatin,

Thanks for the reply,

Im guess that the system has totaly crassed on me, as now when i go in to runlevel 3, it sais:

(none) login:

and after login:
(none)/admin#nf:Read-only file system/etc/lLogrotate.d/ADE: Read-only file system

Dispite that, i have tryed the 2 commands you asked about.

#sh disk

internal filesystems:

  All internal filesystems have sufficient free space


Monit: no status available -- the monit daemon is not running

This command requires ACS to be running

issue 'show application status acs' command to verify all

services are running, then try again.

So it is looking, more and more, as i have to reimage of the box

The box is connected to a AD, and it runs LDAP. It also contains a list of most of our switches as well as 5-6 radius policies for switch login, vpn and wireless.

As i havent made the policies, i will be f!"#5 if i had to redo them.

I have been on that post before, but as you selv said, the result aint something that could help me.

/ Morten


Cisco ACS 5.3 patch 5 (1120 appliance) - stuck on "INIT: version

hi, did you solve your problem, becouse i have the same one too. did ctrl c like you sead, but there is no network connectivity, no show run, only show startup.



Cisco ACS 5.3 patch 5 (1120 appliance) - stuck on "INIT: version

Created an account just to post a reply to this.

We are running our 5.3 ACS in a VMware environment, tried everything above to no avail.  When I could get in with the Ctrl-C Init 3, I would get some journaling errors before making it all the way past login.

I created a base install of RedHat linux on a new VM, and once it was up and running added the virtual disk from the ACS server as a secondary disk.  Once you have booted up with the ACS drive as a secondary, you should see the LVM devices in '/dev/smosvg'

Run ls -l /dev/smosvg

For each of listed, run a fsck -f /dev/smosvg/xxxx -- where xxxx is done for each listed.  Say yes to fix when prompted.