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ISE 1.2: Remove unused Sponsor Group and Identity Group


I started with ISE 1.1.2 and now upgrade to 1.2.

There are 1. Sponsor Groups and 2. Identity Groups which are no more in use, but I am not able to remove them anymore.

1. One is a special Sponsor group which sponsor group policy I already removed. The I go to Aministration>Web Portal Management>Sponsor Groups and select the appropriate Group ans click delete and ok to confirm, the following error is displayed: java.rmi.RemoteException: Failed to execute the Query : DELETE_USERONAPP ORA-02292: integrity constraint (CEPM.EDF_GST_SPGRPID_SUB) violated - child record found ; nested exception is: java.sql.SQLIntegrityConstraintViolationException: ORA-02292: integrity constraint (CEPM.EDF_GST_SPGRPID_SUB) violated - child record found


2. The same happens with one Identity Group. I do not have it active anymore. Not in authentication, and not in authorization policy. I go to Administration>Identity Management>Groups>  and select te group to remove, and click "Delete selected" and confirm with ok, the following error occured:

Cannot delete selected Identity Group(s) because there are resources which are mapped to these or its child identity group(s)



Is there any reason for any of these issue?

Many thanks



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    please remove the rules or

    please remove the rules or authentication and authorization profiles (which is being used with  sponsor and AD group) before removing the groups. Then only you can delete the groups.


    Unfortunatly I have remove

    Unfortunatly I have remove all dependencies, but still did not have any success.

    Cisco Employee

    Hi , Please open service

    Hi ,


    Please open service request with cisco. These kind of issues may happen when the dependencies are deleted from UI but there is a chance that some of the dependencies may not be deleted completely and are not visible from UI as well.  These kind of issues can be resolved under cisco guidance.




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    I would request you to open a

    I would request you to open a TAC case at