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ml Beginner

ISE 1.2 removing stale/ all sessions

Hi all,

does somebody have an idea how to remove stale all sessions from ISE (all nodes)?

I have tried to follow the document , but when logging to primary admin node (HA setup,its has all 3 functions: ADM (pri), MNT (pri), PSN) commends recommended do not work:

curl -X DELETE https://<mntnode>/ise/mnt/Session/Delete/MACAddress/<macaddress>

curl -X DELETE https://<mntnode>/ise/mnt/Session/Delete/SessionID/<sid#>

curl -X DELETE https://<mntnode>/ise/mnt/Session/Delete/All

isetest/admin# curl -X DELETE https://<IP>/ise/mnt/Session/Delete/All


% invalid command detected at '^' marker.

isetest/admin# curl ?

% invalid command

isetest/admin# curl


% invalid command detected at '^' marker.


Thanks for advise.


ISE 1.2 removing stale/ all sessions


The curl commands is to be used from a different server and not run locally.


Tarik Admani
*Please rate helpful posts*

Tarik Admani
*Please rate helpful posts*

ISE 1.2 removing stale/ all sessions

The document states that you should "Log in to the target Monitoring node from the command line" but doesn't explain how I do that.

Can someone explain that to me?

Rising star

ISE 1.2 removing stale/ all sessions

Curl commands always works  form a different server. Try the same with different server.


I also have this problem now,

I also have this problem now, when you guys say a different server, do you mean a linux box that has the curl command? Because running this from another ISE server does not work at all. 

Yes, set up a linux-server or

Yes, set up a linux-server or something equal with curl installed, then you can use the curl commands. Also, you can type in the url in a web browser (eg. https://yourmntnode/ise/mnt/Session/Delete/MACAddress/<macaddress>) and issue the commands that way without the need of an extra server.

hi Jimmy,as you mentioned i

hi Jimmy,

as you mentioned i tried in Web Browser, ActiveList and ActiveCount working fine but when i try to Delete session or all sessions its not working. its giving me error "HTTP Status 404 - Resource not found"

Note: ISE version 1.4

could you please help me.




I've also tried to run the

I've also tried to run the command in a web browser and get the following error:


HTTP Status 401 - Logged-in Administrator is Unauthorized to access REST API

Hello,It seems like the


It seems like the account you used while making the API-call is lacking the correct priviliges. Please check the account's priviliges and make sure you are using an account that is allowed to make API-calls.

Hi Shaik,Have your problem

Hi Shaik,

Have your problem been solved? It seems like the correct URI for making the Delete-call in version 1.4 is: 


It has changed a bit from version 1.2 and hopefully that's your problem because it seems like you're making a call for a function that doesn't exist.


Thank you for replying. I've

Thank you for replying. I've gotten further but now get this message using the above link:


XML Parsing Error: no element found
Location: https://<mntIPAddress>/admin/API/mnt/Session/Delete/MACAddress/00:60:B3:FB:8C:5D
Line Number 1, Column 1:




I finally got this working if

I finally got this working if anyone is interested. From my MacBook terminal I ran the following command:

 curl -u admin1 -k -X DELETE https://<mntnode>/admin/API/mnt/Session/Delete/MACAddress/<macaddress>


It prompted me for the password of the user "admin1" and deleted the MAC.  You can also clear a specific session or delete all MAC addresses.