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Odd ISE 2.3 Sponsor/Guest Portal Issues

I am finalizing a new Sponsor Portal with Guest Self Registration.  As I started to do testing I saw several errors.  A case has been raised with Cisco and they are parsing through the support bundle.  They tend to get tied up with other cases, so I am hoping our forum members may have seen these issues.


1. From the sponsor portal after a guest account is created and applied an error pops up “An unexpected error occurred.  Please contact the help desk for assistance”.  Even though I get an error both the sponsor and guest get emails saying the account was created and the portal shows the account.


2. When a self-registered guest creates there account they get an error “Your request for an account requires approval, but the email sent to ask for this approval has failed.  Please try re-registering”.  Same behavior as number 1 even though I get an error both the sponsor and guest get emails saying the account was created and the portal shows the account.  I did read somewhere that changing the SMTP from fqdn to IP should work, but it doesn’t.


3. When the self-registered guest completes registration and the sponsor gets the email.  He clicks on approve and gets an error “Link is invalid. Please sign on to the sponsor portal to approve/deny quests.”  Even though the page showed an error the guest still receives an email with the account credentials and logs in without issues. The deny link from the email works without any errors.


4. I want to use SMS to send account info to the guest. After the sponsor approves the guest they do not receive an SMS message, however, if the sponsor goes to the portal and sends SMS it works.


In all cases above the accounts are approved or denied and the accounts can be seen via the sponsor portal.  This isn’t an SMTP relay issue because the MNT is able to send the email, even with the error messages.  With the SMTP server configured with the FQDN, or IP I still get the errors.  I want to roll this into production, but until these errors are resolved I cant present it to the BU.  Any and all help will be greatly appreciated.


Thank you!



Re: Odd ISE 2.3 Sponsor/Guest Portal Issues

Any thoughts about this matter?