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ISP Network Deployments RV160W Router with SF300 24Port

ISP Network Deployments RV160W Router with SF300 24Port

Hi, Everyone,

I am from ASIA my small network deployment for my ISP Business here is details design showing. Now it's design Private IP address later i am deployment with Public address APNIC!

If I am Success about this Networking IP address is 192.168.x.255 later my investment is more then 100++ SMB SF300 Switch for my Networks User's and next upgrade for SG350 Switch!. My ISP Business user's they are use only those devices WiFi, Google Android Smart Phone, Smart TV, and PC, Laptops at ASIA. I was CCNA Routing and Switching 604-802 completed 2002 Year 9th batch at Dhaka Bangladesh


ISP Projects:

Router : RV160W VPN Router 4 Port

Switch: SF300 24Port.

Cable: MC 4/6 Core Fiber 1KM.

Cable: CAT6 Cable for user end 60 meter long

I am design few Network Diagram for my ISP Business. Please View attach image

Per Users 1 Port Basis QoS: 6Mbps Dedicated.

1 VPN 160W Router : 1Gbps

1 Switch for 24 users QoS: 144Mbps


Thank you very much.


owner administrator, Director

Foysal ISP Broadband Metro WiFi


Dhaka Bangladesh.

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