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The project was simple, stack many switches on rack, however, what is the maximum number of racks units with a default stack cable?


We have seen 6 rack units are the maximum, but it is too tight, so I think the maximum actually should be only 5 rack units.


this picture has 6 units racks

IMG_2019(2) - copia.jpeg

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deploying a chassy will be easier than managing 16 devices stack...

cost ?

mmm. thats kind of thing to think

I dont have this written but previous project I developed with Cisco , they recommend maximum 4 switches per stack. It makes much sense for me for two reason: 

Cable lengh

Vlan domain size:  4 switch represents around 250 ports and this is the size of one vlan /24. One IP per device. More or less.  /24 is a very good size for a broadcast domain. 

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