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Duo stuck on login prompt

Level 1
Level 1

Hey there,

I am new to Duo and testing some imlplementations. One of these is securing RDP via Duo, but somehow I’m facing issues here:

  • Win10 1903 as a VM
  • Duo installed a few days ago (so latest Version is installed)

During login, the PUSH message is reaching my phone and I accept. After this, the Duo window is still showing me “Pushed a login request to your device…”
This let me think, that my reply may not reaching correct - but checking the logs in Admin Portal, I get “logged on successfully” --> so this is bringing me back, that there might be a problem with my machine together with Duo.

At least I also can confirm, that during this time, the CPU is getting nearly 100%.
my last test gives me a login time of approx. 3 minutes :-/

any Ideas? debug log possibility?

EDIT: checked my last login in the Duo-log.
I can see that login attemp startet @09/02/19 08:08:31 and succesfully finished @09/02/19 08:08:42
But my Desktop was definetely opened few minutes later

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