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Advice please: ringing alert / notification display on PC

I have been looking out there in interland for some application that can alert me when my phone (Cisco 7911) is ringing and display that fact on my desktop screen. Motivation for this is the desire to have a silent ring-tone and physical limitations of my workspace not allowing me to see the ringing LED.

Motivation aside, I haven't been able to find anything convincing. I am a Software Engineer so I'm going to attempt to write something myself. Up until this point my options were:

0. Find someone else's work. Seems to be none.

1. Sniff phone's IP, detect an incoming ring "somehow". This is very bad and will not fly in our IT infrastructure.

2. Use the phone's web interface somehow. After some testing there doesn't seem to be a place that indicates the phone is ringing.

3. Stroll across this site, learn about the JTAPI.

Before I delve into this I was hoping somebody would have a clue how to go about this and give me some pointers to some interesting parts of the API to meet my goal.

Are there any suggestions from this community?

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