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Cannot open ASA through ASDM but I can open it through SSH

Hi guys

I have a problem right now, in fact I was searching for all the forum and I couldn't find any topic that could help me. Let me explaing you the situation: I got 2 firewalls which are connected as failover, the problem is with the ACTIVE device because I can access through SSH but if I'm trying to open it via ASDM it brings me an error UNABLE TO LAUNCH DEVICE MANAGER FROM X.X.X.X. I'm running the latest version of ASDM 8.2(2)17 in fact we already rewrite the file in the firewall but the problem is still there. And about the other device, I mean the one that is as STANDBY is working fine I'm able to access through ASDM and SSH and we already compare it and both have the same configuration.

So if you have any suggestion I will apreciate it.


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