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Can not join Mobility Services Engine to WCS



I have an MSE 3300 and am trying to join it to WCS 7

I went through the initial build of the MSE, so ip address, passwords, date and time etc etc but stupidly said that I dont want the wizard to start next time I boot. After that I have tried to log back in at the cli and seen that it has not accepted my passwords and is still using the default, although things such as the hostname and IP address have stuck, so, the root password is still the default.

According to my notes, I have set up a Superuser password and a WCS Communication Password.

When adding the MSE in WCS through Services / Mobility Services, I add the hostname, ip address, a username of either admin or root and then the passwords (I have tried all permutations) and get the following message:

"No response from server. It may be unreachable, or server is down or HTTPS connection to server failed"

I have tried this with both http and https.

I can ssh onto both devices and ping from one to the other but I can not telnet on http or https, I initially thought that maybe the services didnt start when I first booted as the cable wasnt in at boot up, but i have rebooted a couple of times now with the lan connection in, and they are both on the same subnet.

Does anyone have any ideas here? It looks to me like the http or https services might not be started, or, am i wrong in using a username of either root or admin?

Is there a way to initiate the initial boot up wizard in case something is wrong there, although, I am confident that I went through all steps correctly.

Any help on this would be grately appreciated.

Many thanks


Who Me Too'd this topic