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Periodic Slow Response 2821 (300+ms, 1 minute)


Periodic Slow Response 2821 (300+ms, 1 minute)

My solarwinds NPM reports very slow response times from my satellite clinic.

Often times it is 300ms to 600ms when it should be 10-15ms.

CPU does not seems to spike, the memmory does not seem to spike

The bandwidth does not spike.

It happens mostly during work hours about 10 times a day

Solarwinds reports the delay and then 2 minutes later it reports normal activity

I have broadcast/multicast control on the switches

We have static route for our network meaning no routing protocols

We have 12 other clinics with the same configs and they are fine

I have double checked the configs but I am not holding my breath on that item

I have rebooted the router without affect

I have not replaced the cable to the demarc on either side of the WAN connection

I have not reseated the service provider T1 cards

I have not reseated the T1 card on either router

Any thoughts?

All the best and thank you in advance,

Bill Branch

North Country HealthCare

Director of Information Technology

O: 928.774.8254

C: 928.607.9746

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