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Cisco 7970 Phone not booting after Factory Reset

Hey Community,

I got a Cisco 7970G IP phone that won't boot up after I did a factory reset. It was booting up prior to doing so. Here is what is happening when I plug it in:

- Screen shows "Cisco Systems - Copyright 2002-2005, Cisco Systems, Inc", and has a checkmark on the bottom left corner

- The line buttons are lighting up in sequence from top to bottom

- The Headset key is lit and stays that way

- After about 15 seconds, the screen dims and the check mark changes to a bullseye sign.

- There is no response from any of the keys when pressing them (including the Settings Key)

This process repeats and repeats. I checked the Bug Toolkit, and I found one that may match, but it doesn't have the same symptoms: CSCsc48289

Has anyone ever experienced this and knows how to fix it?



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