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Can't integrate CUE with CUCME - Login to CUCME as an administrator failed. Check your CUCME configuration

Sean McQuade

Hi all, was hoping someone could help.

I have a 2911 running CUCME 8.8 and an ISM module running CUE 8.6.1.

I can browse to and access the CUE Admin webpage, however, when trying to run the initialization wizard and enter the details, I get the error message - "Login to CUCME as an administrator failed. Check your CUCME configuration".

unity error.png

I have configured the 2911 as follows (I've snipped out some of the config):

interface ISM0/0

ip unnumbered GigabitEthernet0/1

service-module ip address

!Application: CUE Running on ISM

service-module ip default-gateway


interface GigabitEthernet0/1

ip address

ip pim dense-mode

duplex auto

speed auto



ip http server

ip http authentication local

ip http secure-server

ip http path flash:/gui


ip route ISM0/0




no dial-peer outbound status-check pots


mwi-server ipv4: expires 3600 port 5060 transport udp




no auto-reg-ephone

max-ephones 40

max-dn 40

ip source-address port 2000

max-redirect 5

timeouts interdigit 5

system message xxx

cnf-file location flash:

load 7916-12 B016-1-0-4.SBN

load 7916-24 B016-1-0-4.SBN

load 7912 CP7912080004SCCP080108A.sbin

load 7945 SCCP45.9-2-1S.loads

load 7965 SCCP45.9-2-1S.loads

load 6945 SCCP6945.9-2-2-4.loads

date-format dd-mm-yy

voicemail 2999

max-conferences 8 gain -6

moh "flash:/"

multicast moh port 16384

web admin system name sean password xxx



transfer-system full-consult

secondary-dialtone 9

create cnf-files version-stamp 7960 Jan 12 2012 14:56:29


Can't see anywhere I've gone wrong. I have removed and re-added the web admin command with different credentials and nothing I try will make it log in.

Any help would be appreciated!


Who Me Too'd this topic