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MPLS/VPN route leak configuration between VRFs


I'm struggling with a small problem.

let say we have 3 routers - R1,R2 and RR.

we have 2 VRF:

CustA - RD100:1

MGMT - RD:100:100

RR is a router reflector

the topology looks like:


I'm trying to export a cirtain routes from CustA to MGMT with help of following route-maps on router RR

ip access-list standard MGMT



route-map MGMT  permit 10

match ip address MGMT

set extcommunity rt  100:999 additive

for the test purpose a loopback interface was configured on R1  in CustA VRF with IP from subnetz.

All routing information are correctly distributed over all routers,  but export  doesn't work - the IP from doesn't get the additionla RT 100:999.

If I configure the "export-map" in VRF configuration on R1 then the export works perfectly - gets additional RT 100:999 and it's then imported by the router RR in VRF MGMT.

But, as far as I understand the export should work exactly in the same way if I do it only on RR router, shouldn't it ? I mean if take a real life network - we don't want to configure that export-map on all PE routers for all VRF, it should be enough if we do it centrally - on the router-reflectors.

What can be wrong with my configuration?

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