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Can't create a session on Local Disk on Cisco NAM2204-RJ45 5.1(2)

I have a Cisco NAM 2204-RJ45 with the version 5.1(2).

The issue that I have is that when I want to create a new session capture, we can not select to save the capture to the local disk, and the NAM shows me this message: "All Disk Storage are currently 'In Use', please capture to memory.

2012-08-09 Screenshot support forum.jpg

Verifying the status of the Local Disk, There is a lot of availaible disk:

2012-08-09 Screenshot support forum resources.jpg

The only way to use the Local Disk is taking the capture on "Memory" and after that save to file this capture.

I need to know if there is a way to save the session capture directly to the Local Disk. Why the NAM send me the message of the all data storage in Local Disk is in Use?

Additional I attach the sh tech.

Thanks a lot for your answers!

Who Me Too'd this topic