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RV082 telnet



I am a Cisco small business partner, sold cisco and linksys for about 6-7 years now.

I need to configure a recently sold version V03 RV082 with firmware v4.2.1.02 (Jan 18 2012 14:10:55), to enable WakeOnWan.

For that I need access to ARP commands from TELNET. In late firmwares cisco restricted acces to TELNET as they did with all good nice features linksys provided over the years.

Cisco Small Business suport answered me that TELNET is not supported on this device, but IT DOES WORK.

Using you can enable TELNET access on the device, but credentials defined in web interface, or default admin/admin or cisco/cisco are not working. Message returned by telnet is:

Login incorrect
xxx login:
Login timed out after 60 seconds.

Connection to host lost.

Theese worked until recent firmwares and hardware revision, and my client bought this product knowing he can use them.

Can anyone provide a workarround theese issues? Either provide working user/pass combo (publicly or privately), or workaround for configuring wakeonwan...

Much appreciated..


Who Me Too'd this topic