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IOS HTTP Client URI lenght limit of 64 characters?

I am trying to use EEM to send a HTTP request based on an event (I am just trying with a copy http://xxx null:).  I have the guts of this working (i.e. the event happens and the action is triggered etc) however the URL is quite long - it is 103 characters and there seems to be a limit of 64-characters.  From the CLI if I simply type the copy command it is accepted and the router receives a response, however the whole of the URL was not sent - it ignores any characters after the 64th.

I have tried this on a Catalyst 3560G switch running IOS 15.0(1)SE3 and a 877 running IOS 15.1.(4)M4.

Is this a limitation of the copying command I am attempting or is it just a hard limit of the HTTP client?


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