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Replace HDD in UCS-B2x

Level 1
Level 1

We have a UCS with B200 blades.

One of the HDD has led in STATIC AMBER, (this is a HDD Failure acording to the documentation), but the UCS manager did no show any alert.

My first question is.... Should i see any alert in the UCS Manager? do i have to turn on any kind of monitoring for the HDD??

The HDD was mirrored with RAID 1, so why decided to install a replacement.

We extracted the faulty HDD and  inserted a new one (Because they are Hot Swap we did this with the server on).

But now the UCS Manager is showing the HDD as a UNKNOWN Disk, so it did not recognise it

We restarted the server with no luck.

Do i have to do any kind of procedure for the UCS to recognise the new disk and reconstruct the RAID 1 mirror????


Who Me Too'd this topic