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CME Router Error When Running FAC TCL script or Package Auth

Armando Parhusip

Heloo Cisco guys,

I have a problem in one of my customer, I was going to implement the FAC running on my Call Manager Express on 2951  with IOS 15.2.2T.

I have tried two ways to implement this FAC configuration

1. With LPCOR by using this configuration :


package auth

  param term-digit #

  param user-prompt

  param abort-digit *

  param passwd 1234

  param max-digits 4

2. With TCL Script by James Krueger

service fac flash0:/acctfixedpin.tcl

  param uid-len 4

I have completed the rest of that onfiguration based on Cisco document and Cisco supports forum.

But when I make a phone call to the FAC dial-peer, the router was error and show some error messages (attached).

As information, I installed the CUE module on that router as well.

Please help.

Thank you,


Who Me Too'd this topic