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ACS 5.3 and Brocade SAN Switch Integration Problem

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Level 1

Hello all,

I am trying to use RADIUS authentication for Brocade SAN switches, specifically the HP AJ821A switch for the c-class blade enclosure.

SAN switch configuration is:

aaaconfig --add -conf radius -s sharedsecret -a peap-mschapv2

aaaconfig --authspec "radius;local" -backup

ACS is configured with an Access Service set to PEAP with the inner method as EAP-MS-CHAPv2

Authentication works fine if set to PAP (so I know it's hitting the right service and so forth) but when it is set to PEAP I get the following error:

11818 Failed to parse EAP-MSCHAP packet

Any suggestions?  Anyone else run into this problem?  Anyone managed to get it working?



Who Me Too'd this topic