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NCS unable to communicate with MSE



I am trying to add a MSE 3300 to the NCS from the management console.

The MSE is at (eth0) and the NCS is at

I am able to ping the NCS from the MSE. There is no firewall between these two.

'msed' is up and running as verified by '/etc/init.d/msed status'

'eth0' is up and running as verified by /etc/init.d/network status'

I ran the setup utility in the MSE and set the NCS communication userid/password to 'admin/admin' which is the default. I rebooted and restarted the msed service.

In the NCS, I do (Services->MObility Services Engine -> Add Mobility Services Engine -> Go)  and then set the IP, username, password.

At this point, the message I get back is 'No response from the Server. It may be unreachable, or server is down or HTTPS connection to server failed'

So, what am I not doing correctly? Both the NCS and MSE are on the same subnet and no firewall.  Any help please?

Who Me Too'd this topic