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Troubleshooting duplicate FC frames from FCoE source (UCS)

I have an IBM SVC generating alerts as follows:

Duplicate fibre channel frame detected - 0x500507680110c2ff received duplicate frame OX_ID 0x4922 from 0x2000c2a4a0ff005e

The SVC is connected to 8Gb ports on MDS9513 DS-X9224-96K9 modules. The port the SVC is accusing of generating the duplicte frame (wwpn 20:00:c2:a4:a0:ff:00:5e) is a port on an ESX host on a service profile on a UCS B440 blade with two palo cards installed. The UCS is connected upstream to 6120 switches on firmware 1.4(3s).

The entire B440 server hardware has recently been recalled and replaced including the interface cards. The storage, fabric and UCS are located in the same physical location all con necting to the same 9513s. The error existed before and after the service profile was migrated to the new hardware.

IBM flatly refuse to acknowledge that the SVC can generate duplicate FC frames,  How can I troubleshoot this issue from within the fabric? I have fabric manager 5.0(4a) available to me.


Who Me Too'd this topic