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Interface Threshold Violation

Hi Guys,

I have 8 access points and a 5508 series WLC. I am getting the below alerts

Message: Interference threshold violation reported by '802.11b/g/n' interface of AP 'KPAP0000.f4a6', connected to Controller ''.

Message: Interference changed to acceptable level on '802.11b/g/n' interface of AP 'KPAP0000.1b40', connected to Controller ''.

On seraching the forum, i found the below details:

Recommended Actions If the interference threshold is configured to be  too low, you may need to readjust it to a more optimum value.

Investigate interference sources such as other 802.11 devices in the vicinity of this radio interface

Im my current configuration i have threshold under 802.11a>RRM>general

Profile threshold for traps - 10% [which is the default]

Just wondering is that the value i need to change. Is there any standard optimal value. Or do i need to find out using trail and error.


Who Me Too'd this topic