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IP Phone Agent (IPPA) - Presenting Enterprise Data on Call Arrival

Stephen Dow


Hoping that someone can help with this.

We have a UCCE 8.5 environment where agents are using IPPA.

We are seeing that when a call arrives (and is auto answered) the screen stays on the IP Telephony screen.

I would like so arrange it so that the IPPA service is "brought into focus" when the call arrives so that the agent can see some information about the call that is being (or has been delivered).  The information is there, just not presented to the phone.

At this point, the agent needs to hit the services key to switch to IPPA and then hit the CData button to see pertinent call details (this is a problem because some fo these agents need to see this data before they actaully greet the caller - i.e need to know what language to greet the caller in, or see other screen display information for white-branded calls).

Can anyone offer some suggestions where I can start troubleshooting this?

BTW, CAD itself works fine - the information is being presented as expected.  Problem is specific to IP Phone Agent.

Any help would be appreciated.



Who Me Too'd this topic