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Unable to add Polycom HDX to TMS

Nick Boylan

We already have 1 Polycom unit added to TMS.

I have put exactly the same settings into a 2nd Polycom unit but TMS gives the following error

'Update failed on: Software version: hostAddress:, description:send command 'Volume get' failed, base exception:send failed for host, connection state: Disconnected, data sent:vol'

The endpoint is online and I can browse to it with no issues. The only difference with this endpoint and the endpoint already registered is the management server. But there is no option to add the management server on the endpoint.

On the Polycom GDS screen it shows as registered.

The system has been purged from TMS and re added but we get the same message.

The Polycom unit was on software version 3.0.5 and the other Polycom that is registered to TMS is on 3.0.1.

We downgraded the system to 3.0.1 and attempted to add to TMS again but TMS gave the same message.

We have gone through every option on the codec and ensured they are exactly the same as the codec that is registered.

Has anyone got any suggestions?

Thank you

Who Me Too'd this topic